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Howdy, I'm Sarah Klotz!

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason (how else did you end up here?), that having a positive attitude is essential, and that Sarah is spelled with an h.


I aim to infuse some fun, humor, and questionably amusing puns into everything I do. Chasing the high of the "AH-HA" moment fuels my drive and is often found while walking my dog Pluto.


Crocheting, crafting, and thrifting recharge my battery. 

I'm looking to bring my can-do attitude to an account role at an advertising agency. Let's get to work and make some magic happen! Did I mention that I know a really cool card trick? 

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What my peers say

"The perfect combination of smart and fun. Amazing at leading teams of different tracks. She will hit you with the smartest insight one minute and a pun the next."

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