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In a world where everyone is swiping right for their next fling, Hinge is the dating app designed to be deleted. 

The ask

Create a product extension for Hinge that aligns with their mission and values.

A match made in heaven

Hinge has always been a disruptor in the dating app industry - what else can they disrupt?


What happens once Hinge is deleted? Did the couple that matched live happily ever after? 

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Hinge can recapture the people that are deleting their app by providing a space
to celebrate relationships.

The ah-ha

Long gone are the days of love letters and scrapbooks. Relationships are now carefully curated on social media. 

Most relationship apps are focused on couples counseling and overcoming communication barriers. There are no apps on the market that help couples document their love story. Hinge is the perfect match to capture this white space. 


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Adore. The relationship app meant to last. Adore is a tool to document couples' shared memories and help organize their time so they can spend less time planning and more time enjoying each other’s company. Adore allows users to document their relationships, give date night ideas, a date tracker (so you never forget your anniversary), quizzes, and games.

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Pillow talking

Couples can keep the spark alive by answering fun prompts. 

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I don't know, what do you want to eat?

The dreaded question, finally has a simple solution. Type in a few different restauraunts or cuisines and let Adore make the decision for you. 

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Never forget your anniversary again

Push notifications remind users of upcoming important dates. 


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My Shtick


Deck Design

Story Telling
Creative Ideation
Project Management

The team

Emerald Grippa (CBM)

Ashley Huang (CBM)

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