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William Lawson's is known for flipping conventions and having a 'no rules' approach. This summer they are launching a lower-alcohol Scotch called Highlander Orange to capture a younger audience's attention. 

The ask

The D&AD New Bloods brief asked us to create a 60 second social-first video designed for YouTube Shorts or Instagram Reels to promote William Lawson’s Highlander Orange to the next era of whisky drinkers.

A neat idea

William Lawson’s is a brand that flips conventions and invites new drinkers to the fold.


In this video promotion, Lunfast with the Ladies, we’re flipping the table on brunch, and inviting girlies and baddies alike to use the new Highlander Orange as a way to set a new standard for breakfast, bottomless and beyond.


Pour behavior is an invitation to ease into a new comfort with class, confidence, and badassery. Don’t settle for poor behavior. Pop open the Highlander, settle in for better, and pour behavior.

Main_Deliverable_William_Lawson_AdobeExpress (2).gif
Main_Deliverable_William_Lawson_AdobeExpress (1).gif

Full video

My Shtick




Creative Ideation

Project Management

The team

Lindsey Evans (AD)

Anna Foster (ST)

Joe Kuhns (CW)

Meg Monroe (XD)

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